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What Our Students Say      

"It was really helpful preparation for my PMI-ACP exam, as I passed it on my first attempt. I would recommend TrainAgile to anyone who is interested in taking the PMI-ACP Exam."

Ramya S. PMI-ACP

Merrill Lynch


"The PMI-ACP study materials were excellent. The review cards, the study guide (especially the review questions), the Process Placemat, and the other materials equipped me to pass the PMI-ACP exam. I have found those materials to continue to benefit me beyond just passing the exam. "

Michael T. PMI-ACP

Houston, Texas

"The TrainAgile exam service was instrumental in helping me prepare for the actual exam. The logical sequencing and structure of the practice tests, along with the post exam reporting, enabled me to identify areas of weakness and drill on those to increase my competency. I went into the actual exam feeling prepared and confident of passing on my first attempt. Thank you TrainAgile; best $49 I spent in my preparation efforts."

Renard R. PMI-ACP

Sr Project Manager


Who Relies on Our PMI-ACP Exam Prep?
More People than you Think.

Thousands of students rely on our PMI-ACP exam prep products, some without even knowing it. There are more than 50 different organizations; including training firms, universities, and public agencies; who license our PMI-ACP exam prep software and books for their own students. A key reason our PMI-ACP courseware remains so effective is because we receive constant feedback from the training organizations we support.

PMI-ACP Self-Studiers who Rely on our Exam Prep Software and Books
One learning style does not fit all, which is why we offer our PMI-ACP courseware to self-studiers across a broad range of mediums. More than ten thousand students have used our learning material; including more than 75,000 PMI-ACP practice exams served. From our value-priced PMI-ACP iPhone apps, to our comprehensive PMI-ACP courses, we do everything possible to support our students' professional aspirations.

Organizations that Rely on our Exam Prep Software and Books
Since 2004, SSI Logic has grown to be a leading provider of licensed PMI-ACP courseware solution providers for enterprises, providing the corporate-branded training software that students end up using. We quickly and easily deliver professional PMI-ACP, ITIL, and CISSP exam practice directly to students and employees across many industries.

Organizations who currently rely on our training systems and books include:

  • Certification training providers and "Bootcamp" training providers
  • Corporate training departments
  • Public sector agencies and organizations
  • Universities and community colleges
  • Training websites and online resellers

Are you an organization who is interested in offering PMI-ACP exam preparation? Learn about our corporate programs.

Below is a sample of recent enterprise customers who rely on exam preparation tools from SSI Logic: