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Professional. Measurable. Realistic.

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TrainAgile is owned and operated by SSI Logic.

Welcome to TrainAgile, one of the most realistic online exam preparation services available for the Agile Certified Professional Exam. Our testing content is created by subject matter experts and instructors who are veterans in their field of expertise.

The online software platform developed by SSI Logic is based upon the real exam test environment to provide our users with the most true to form practice application possible. Whereas other sites may provide a linear screen-by-screen testing mechanism, we provide a timed, markable test application which mimics the real exam. Our testing system requires no additional software downloads, and works within a standard browser, providing our users with the most accessible, practical preparation possible.

Professional. Measurable. Realistic.

All of SSI Logic's content is developed in tandem with qualified subject-matter experts in adherence to our testing Content Development Process (CDP). Our process serves to minimize the risk of content issues related to quality and accuracy; and increases our platform's ability to reflect objective, consistent, test taker performance. Below are general steps included in our CDP methodology.

Content Development Process

Because no process is perfect, SSI Logic proactively polls students for quality feedback. Doing so allows us to pinpoint potential quality issues, and serves as a baseline view of perception regarding every test in our catalog. Our team continuously monitors candidate perception to identify areas of improvement and overall effectiveness.

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