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PMI-ACP Certification Course
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Flexible course access to become a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP).

Our On Demand PMI-ACP course is designed to train students across the most popular Agile management methodologies. Access intensive course lessons without limitation, from any computer with a web browser. Includes 52 interactive course lessons, 21 PMI contact hours, PMI-ACP quizzes, instructor access, and much more.

Contact Hours and PDUs

21 PMI Contact Hours, plus 21 PDUs

Accessing the Course

24x7 Access from your Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone
Includes Email Access to Instructor

Registration Cost - $598.00 (USD) Save $250.00
Now $348.00 (USD) with 90-day access

What Our Students are Saying

"I took the PMI-ACP test today and passed – easily. Even with rechecking every single answer, I finished in half the time allowed. I must tell you that the TrainAgile Online PMI-ACP Exam Prep was incredible value for the money!"

Ramya Sivakumar, PMI-ACP
Merrill Lynch

"The TrainAgile PMI-ACP prep course exceeded all expectations. I took the online course the week of my exam and passed without any issues. The material was comprehensive and I was able to answer every question quickly and with confidence. "

Ewen Galbraith, PMI-ACP
New York, USA

"Instructor real-life examples were excellent and offered great instruction!"

Karen Farris, PMI-ACP
Ohio, USA

"Just wanted to say thank you all again for a wonderful experience. I just returned from taking the ACP test and am happy to report that I passed!"

Robert Sanders, PMI-ACP
Chantilly, VA - USA

"A lecture based, self-paced course like the one offered by TrainAgile is an excellent alternative to self-study from printed materials only."

Susan R. Garner, PMI-ACP

"TrainAgile was a great tool for me. I used it exclusively to study for the PMI-ACP in the few weeks prior to the exam. I finished all of my requirements nearly a year ago so I only had one shot to take the exam and pass. Thanks to TrainAgile and a lot of late nights, I passed the first time!! I highly recommend TrainAgile."

Denise Jones, PMI-ACP
Richmond, VA USA

Intensive PMI-ACP Course Curriculum - Designed for On Demand Learning

Course Milestones 1 - 4:

  • PMI-ACP Introductory Concepts
  • Agile Inception Planning
  • Inception Standards and Practices
  • Agile Inception Practices and Tools

Course Milestones 5 - 8:

  • Agile Roadmap Concepts
  • Agile Release Concepts I
  • Agile Release Concepts II
  • Agile Iteration Concepts I

Course Milestones 9 - 11:

  • Agile Iteration Concepts II
  • Agile Iteration Concepts III
  • Agile Day Concepts
  • Course Completion Certificate

Included in this PMI-ACP Training Course

Over 21 Hours of Interactive Lessons and Material, Available On Demand

Each course milestone contains interactive training lessons designed for On Demand learning and busy schedules. Complete the entire curriculum in order, or re-visit training lessons as many times as you like.

Accreditations and Credits Earned

This course is officially recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and includes the required Contact Hours to take the PMI-ACP exam, as well as PDUs.

  • Pre-approved for 21 PMI Contact Hours and 21 PDU Credits

Interactive Lessons Available On Demand

Accredited with 21 Contact Hours and PDUs

Need Help? Ask the Instructor

As a student, you will have direct access to the instructor with all of your PMI-ACP questions. Our instructor is standing by to assist you via email with all course questions and inquiries.

Agile Student Workbook

A critical PMI-ACP exam study supplement, the included student workbook provides exercises with detailed Agile scenarios along with a complete set of solutions to reference.

Email Access to Instructor

Student Workbook with Helpful Exercises

Practice Quizzes Included for Each Module

PMI-ACP practice questions are used to test your knowledge following each training module. The PMI-ACP quizzes in this course also provide detailed explanations for each question and answer.

Agile Glossary Cheat Sheet

A comprehensive glossary of PMI-ACP terms you need to know for the exam are included and act as a valuable cheat sheet and reference for exam prep students.

Practice Quizzes Measure Preparedness

Critical PMI-ACP Terms with Glossary

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Comprehensive PMI-ACP Curriculum included with this On Demand Certification Course

Detailed Agile Course Curriculum

Below is the detailed curriculum covered by this PMI Agile Certificed Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification course. Students will come away with a thorough understanding of the most popular Agile methodologies, and will be prepared to pass the PMI-ACP exam.

Milestone 1 - PMI-ACP Introductory Concepts

Lesson 1 - Tips for Testing (10:40)

Lesson 2 - PMI Ethics & Professional Conduct (09:35)

Lesson 3 - Introduction to Agile Processes (43:10)

Lesson 4 - What are the Agile Processes? (20:43)

Milestone 2 - Agile Inception Planning

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Inception (15:23)

Lesson 2 - Process Selection (03:27)

Lesson 3 - Agile Processes with Planning (25:30)

Lesson 4 - Decision Tree - Process Selection (05:29)

Milestone 3 - Inception Standards and Practices

Lesson 1 - All About Inception Standards (11:42)

Lesson 2 - Inception Practices (01:24)

Lesson 3 - The Practice of Swarming (13:12)

Lesson 4 - The Definition of Done (06:57)

Lesson 5 - Practices for Scrum (06:08)

Lesson 6 - Practices for XP (12:10)

Lesson 7 - Practices for Kanban (11:13)

Milestone 4 - Agile Inception Practices and Tools

Lesson 1 - Team Definition - Coupling (10:59)

Lesson 2 - The Tuckman Model (24:13)

Lesson 3 - Colocation of Teams & Distributed Teams (24:48)

Lesson 4 - Tools for Distributed Teams (09:25)

Milestone 5 - Agile Roadmap Concepts

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Roadmap (12:26)

Lesson 2 - How to Conduct a Story Mapping Session (22:03)

Lesson 3 - How to Create a Roadmap (08:18)

Lesson 4 - All About Lean (15:43)

Lesson 5 - Architecture Planning (10:54)

Milestone 6 - Agile Release Concepts I

Lesson 1 - Release Concepts and Planning (44:48)

Milestone 7 - Agile Release Concepts II

Lesson 1 - Estimation (28:08)

Lesson 2 - Affinity Estimation (04:09)

Lesson 3 - Units for Absolutie/Relative Size (11:52)

Lesson 4 - Release Planning (24:36)

Milestone 8 - Agile Iteration Concepts I

Lesson 1 - Agile Analysis (11:19)

Lesson 2 - The Iteration (05:16)

Lesson 3 - Time Boxes (01:30)

Lesson 4 - The Sprint (15:26)

Lesson 5 - Sprint Planning Meeting (04:10)

Lesson 6 - Daily Standup (05:00)

Lesson 7 - Sprint Review Meeting (05:04)

Lesson 8 - Retrospective Meeting (05:48)

Lesson 9 - Backlog Grooming (05:04)

Milestone 9 - Agile Iteration Concepts II

Lesson 1 - Task Breakdown (11:53)

Lesson 2 - Estimating Tasks (03:30)

Lesson 3 - Phases of Planning Sprints (06:32)

Lesson 4 - Capacity Analysis (09:50)

Lesson 5 - Product Backlog (11:15)

Lesson 6 - Sprint Backlog (08:58)

Milestone 10 - Agile Iteration Concepts III

Lesson 1 - Suppling Status Information (02:07)

Lesson 2 - Taskboard (04:04)

Lesson 3 - Burndown Charts (05:37)

Lesson 4 - Burnup Charts (08:19)

Lesson 5 - Cumulative Flow Diagrams (10:17)

Milestone 11 - Agile Day Concepts

Lesson 1 - Agile Leadership (31:56)

Lesson 2 - Conflict (14:04)

Lesson 3 - Facilitation in Meetings (15:03)

Lesson 4 - Brain Storming (10:03)

Access this Agile Course from Any Connected Device

System Requirements

Accessing this course requires the following:

  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet connection
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